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[GSOC 2015] P2PSP GUI Project Progress upto MidTerm Evaluation:

I hope to have completed my midterm milestone.Below are the notable features in current P2PSP GUI project.For more information about the implementaion,discussions and changes in this period go through the gui branch at p2psp repo , Pull Requests on github and the links provided in each week.

Week 1(A P2PSP Peer(channel) played in Gui's player):

  • On clicking player's play button ,a default peer(using localhost to connect to the splitter) is started and played.
  • Visibility of widget displaying channels can be toggled from menu bar.
  • Fullscreen feature introduced in player.

Pull Requests:

Week 2(Gui Architecture):

  • App structured and source code refactored following MVC Pattern.

Pull Requests:

Week 3(displaying more information about current playing channel) :

  • A progress bar(located above player) is used to display buffer status(only when it is updated).
  • Download/Upload Speed and peers in team displayed.
  • More Exception Handling is done(using decorator).

Download/Upload Speed and Users Online

Pull Requests:

Week 4(Channels can be exported to a JSON File and vice-versa):

  • First importing and exporting channels were tested without gui.
  • channels can be imported and exported according to the format discussed in this issue.
  • channels can be played by double clicking the icons in gui,again default peer is played.Channel description is dispayed as tooltip of icons.

Import Dialog

Export Dialog

screenshot from 2015-06-28 15 39 16

screenshot from 2015-06-27 13 23 31

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