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Google Summer Of Code with P2PSP


27 April 12 AM, I had opened Google Summer of code 2015 Accepted Projects page on my laptop for a few minutes. I heard my other two friends have been selected.I was nervous and stuck at "loading" on the webpage. Suddenly one of my friends came and told me that I have been selected.Next I was screaming and literally jumped over him!

My Project INTEGRATION OF GUI,PLAYER AND PEER FOR THE P2PSP PYTHON IMPLEMENTATION has been accepted by mentoring organisation


P2PSP is a nonprofit organization that develops the P2PSP protocol. P2PSP is an application layer protocol designed for the real-time streaming of multimedia content over the Internet.Learn more about P2PSP Protocol at P2PSP Webpage.

P2PSP-GUI Project

The main aim of this project is to use LibVLC (a media framework that embeds the features of VLC into an application) to integrate a peer and a player into a single executable.

Project mentors are:

For more information about the project please check out my proposal and keep updated with the blog.